Friday, July 31, 2020

Quick Takes #291: July Wrap

  1. Happy last day of July; a month that felt like it lasted about a month's worth. I'm not sure if that means things are improving or I'm getting better at this new normal.  I do know that it was a month when I wanted the circle a bit smaller, but do now want to check-in and let readers know how we are doing.
  2. The kids have been great about their assigned summer work; workbook wise we are about done and are making good progress with summer reading.  I'm also continuing to make good progress with my reading challenges, and thanks to my local library opening for curbside pick-up have recently read some great summer reads.
  3. Visiting our community pool has allowed a bit of summer fun in a year when most activities are canceled.  I have been impressed with the distancing policies they have put in place; and really nice to see the kids playing with their friends ~  6 feet apart while covered in chlorine.
  4. The Garden is steady but good. We are growing summer squash for the first time and have harvested our first one.  One tomato plant is not growing well but ripening fruit well; the other is growing beautifully and hopefully, the fruit will begin ripening soon.  The mint as always is crazy!
  5. July also saw us making a quick trip to Virginia which was wonderful on so many levels.  We had our best trip down traffic-wise in several years.  It was amazing to see my mom and sisters again.  The cousins had a great time together and Lisbeth enjoyed a fun sleepover.
  6. Other ordinary but fun family milestones to note this month; Liam is learning to mow the lawn, and Caitlin is learning to ride her bike without training wheels.

  7. Please head over to Kelly's for more 7QT's!

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