Friday, August 28, 2020

Quick Takes #292: Maine recap


  1. We are deep in the final prep for returning to school on Monday over here, but I wanted to quickly record some reflections on our week in Maine.  Starting with great gratitude that it was even possible to happen.  After failing to find rapid testing here in PA, Dr. Dad was able to get us appointments for testing in Maine for the day after we arrived.  We both tested negative; allowing us to comply with Maine's visitor rules and give an additional level of reassurances to his mom. 
  2. The trip up went so well. We left later than we planned (as usual) but then encountered minimal traffic and we managed to only make one rest stop along the way.  We were 'on schedule' enough that we were able to stop in MA and pick-up our niece.
  3. The weather cooperated wonderfully with rain mostly at night and brief if during the day.  After nearly a month in the '90's here in PA ~ Maine's low '80's felt amazing.  The ocean was brisk to start but did not hold back our intrepid boogie boarders.  Going a low tide most days also allowed for exploring a tide pool where on a couple of occasions the kids found giant clams.
  4. Cooking is a favorite activity of Dr. Dad's family of origin and this vacation was no different; yummy brunches, tasty dinners, and the tweens even got in on the action making delicious strawberry tarts and blondies.  Our favorite ice cream place had done a great job of meeting the challenges of keeping everyone safe while maintaining their wonderful atmosphere and quality ice cream.  No trip to the Maine seacoast is complete without some seafood; and that we indulged in a couple of occasions.
  5. In addition to having ample time to read, my book-loving heart was happily blessed when my SIL passed on to me several ARCs (advanced reading copies) of books unclaimed at the bookstore she works at.  I like to read seasonally, and am so grateful for the chance to read books at release time or just prior.
  6. Back in a reality where it will be a busy weekend of organizing school supplies, and school uniforms.  In another sign of the times the school is requesting that forms be filled out and signed prior to the first day adds to the general frazzle of these days.  However there are many good memories to hold onto, and perhaps a couple of more pool visits before we officially put a close to this summer.
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