Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Takes #141

  1. Later this morning Lisbeth and I will be going to school for orientation. Her first full day will be Monday.  She has her uniform, backpack and lunchbox ~ it is starting to get real.
  2. Liam did really well at his first dental visit yesterday, unfortunately he has a couple small cavities that will have to be filled.  The dentist says they are very small and so she will just 'clean and fill' with no need for anesthesia. The one time Elisabeth had nitrous she didn't tolerate well so I would love to avoid but am unsure about filling a cavity with nothing.  Thoughts??
  3. Current favorite expressions of his: Excuse me coming foo (thru), and Bonjour mummy (love that my former non-speaker is now picking up French faster than his big sister).
  4. New blog finds: Fiona lynne -far far away and Chrystina Noel
  5. Praying for the people of Syria and for Peace; USCCB Statement 
  6. Am trying to plan Liam's birthday party next weekend; biggest challenge is picking a theme.  He is obsessed at the moment with all things fire fighting related; fireman, firetrucks, etc but every time I ask what kind of cake he wants he says Thomas the Tank engine ~ last year's theme which I think he now associates with his birthday.
  7. Weekend Plans; Getting ready for first days of school and a certain little boys birthday.
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  1. Love that Liam says Bonjour mummy! So sweet! Wow, Lisbeth's first day of school - can't wait to see the photos :).

  2. Sigh... Joe is going to his first dentist appointment in a few weeks and I am so afraid he'll have to have all his teeth pulled or something because I don't brush them as much as I should!

  3. Hope orientation went well!

    John Paul kept changing his mind of party themes, so we just didn't have a theme at all! Balloons and party hats were theme enough for me :P

  4. Happy first day tomorrow! And my little guy says conibg through too, they are so funny, his sounds like, "Seuss me, Me coming free!" He always calls himself Me!