Friday, September 20, 2013

Quick Takes #143

    Small 'cupcake' party with family

  1. Liam's party went great; kids all played nicely, my 'frog spotting game' went well and Liam appeared to have a lot of fun. Though it was a bit chilly both pizza and the cake happened outside; Liam still tried to blow the candle out even though it went out as soon as we stepped outside with it.
  2. Sympathy and prayers for those who lost their lives at the Washington Navy Yard and those who mourn them.
  3. Loving me some toddler logic: (earlier this week Liam came into the family room with frosting all around his mouth) Me: Liam were you touching your cake? Liam: No, just the frosting.
  4. What the Pope Francis did and didn't say in his interview earlier this week.
  5. Shout out for pediatric dentistry; took Liam today to have a couple small cavities dealt with, (sorry buddy ~ terrible genetics) the dentist worked with Liam sitting on my lap with his head in her lap; a scary but hopefully not terrifying experience for him.
  6. Caitlin's new trick: waving and say "Bababa"!
  7. Weekend plans: catch-up, clean up and rest up after a couple of weeks of first school days, birthdays and house guests.
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1 comment:

  1. #3- I love kids! They are so literal, because they see things only in black and white.

    #4- I just read the whole interview. I can see why the media is going a little nuts because of what they think is "new" information. Oh my goodness, the pope says he's a sinner!!! Yep. As am I and as are we all. Really not new info.