Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Takes #142: Happy 3rd Birthday Buddy!

Linking up with Jen and celebrating my Birthday Boy!!

  1. Words: Please excuse the pun but words fail; in this year we've gone from counting each word with your therapist like precious coins to watching for 2-3 word phrases ~ and even those I've now completely lost count of.  You have so much to say and I'm so glad you now have words to express it; teasing Lisbeth and explaining to anyone who asks that you are Catie's Big brother.
  2. Speaking of counting: you know how to count to 5, and are figuring out 6-10, you know your colors and most of your shapes.  We are starting to work on letter & number recognition.  You've become very interested in puzzles, both hands-on and on the iPad.
  3. Some of your favorite things are trains, planes and automobiles. You like to play pretend most often putting out a fire or cooking in the kitchen.  Roaring like a dinosaur is another favorite right now.  When you stop stomping or marching most often it is to play with your Legos or race cars down the track.  You like to be read to, especially if the book has tabs and flaps to slide or open.
  4. You are a good eater and are very pleased with your new skill of opening the refrigerator yourself (me less so) ~ fruits and vegetables rank high though top of your list is breakfast sausage in the morning and ice cream whenever you can get it.  
  5. Potty training persist at a slower pace than I would like (though we did start early for school reasons) mostly because you are just one very laid back dude.  However while you are starting this year in diapers I'm comfortable it won't be much longer (cue laughter).  You persist in being a great snuggler for sleep requiring either Daddy or me to lay down with you till nearly asleep.  
  6. You are on the verge of being able to pedal your tricycle independently, putting your train tracks together yourself and are getting better all the time with the whole use utensils - drink from an open cup concept.
  7. You are such a loving and funny chap of a little man.  I love you and am so excited to see what the coming year will bring.

Happy Birthday Liam!! 


  1. What a cutie! Happy Birthday Liam! You're learning so much!

  2. Oh my goodness.... that last photo makes me smile! Happy birthday, Liam! 3 will be so fun!

  3. Happy birthday! What a great list of accomplishments!

  4. Happy birthday to Liam! So glad his language development is doing so much better :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your little guy! What great accomplishments!