Friday, March 11, 2016

Quick Takes #204: Parties and Prayers

  1.  Lisbeth's party went well with the kids having a blast first playing in gym and then climbing all over the 'fun factory' which essentially is a ballpit/maze/giant slide structure.  Our local bakery out did themselves proud and gave us a wonderful cake for our dinosaur loving princess!
  2. The other highlight of the past weekend was the Downton Finale which I thought was wonderful! Yes they were reaching a bit to tie-up most of the strings but I felt it was a most fitting far-well. 
  3. Dr Daddy and I are presenting at Pre-Cana this weekend and I really wish I could copy Rachel's post and pass it far and wide!
  4. Important prayer request from Dwijia and name announced. As did Ana!!
  5. Colleen has graciously pulled together a prayer list for anyone seeking pregnancy related prayers or wishing to pray that intention.  
  6. The weather this week has been amazing ~ and while it may not be here to stay it has been a nice hint that spring is indeed on it's way. 
  7. Prayers for those in the path of the flooding in the South and happy weekend all!

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  1. I sure hope this warmer weather is here to stay! And I really liked how everything wrapped up in the finale, too. It was nice to see all the happy endings. :)