Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Quick 7. vol2

1. Grace is all around.  I have been amazed how starting this blog and exploring a little beyond the few blogs I had been following have brought great wonder into my life, and greatly increased my book wish list

2. Strollers don't work well over melting snow and ice, yet somehow she still feel asleep when no amount of rocking and swaying would do the trick.  What is it about fresh air?

3. Went to a talk given by a local campus minister who was speaking on authority versus power. While aimed at students I also got my thinking, I don't currently have much authority but as a citizen, parishioner, child of God: I do have power, am I using it well, wisely and fearlessly

4. Dust bunnies multiply

5. I'm not really enjoying being up at night again as E. is teething (I'm sure she does not love it either) but a warm sleepy baby in your arms is always a moment of warm peace.

6. Favorite new quote "It is better not to burden ourselves with multitude of prayer and pious practices but rather adopt only a few and perform them with love and perseverance in spite of opposition from the devil, the world, and the flesh"  St. Louis de Montfort

7. It is so much fun watching E. applaud whenever she hears others, no idea what is going on just wanting to share in the celebration.

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