Tuesday, February 3, 2009

finding balance

This weekend Elisabeth demonstrated her newly found skill of balancing.  She can now stand independently for several seconds, and my mom even convinced her to try and walk to her daddy.  Two very hesitant steps, which led to great excitement on our behalf and great determination to reach out for support on hers ( we could not convince her to try again ).   But standing she liked and would happily attempt.

I'm also discovering how to find balance.  Seeking to find the time for prayer and devotion, a struggle since her birth,  has been so richly reward this week I'm almost embarrassed it was ever an issue.  I happened upon 3 minute retreats (icon on the sidebar) and friend pointed out 'sacred spaces.ie' as another option on the web.

I still hope to make the time to read a chapter in a devotional, or write in my prayer journal more often, but am also grateful beyond words for the chance to parent this wonderful child and am open to the changes needed to balance the many blessing in my life

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  1. Re: Elisabeth-- how exciting! I just love watching the little one gain new skills.

    Re: your devotional time-- don't be too hard on yourself, it is very challenging. But so worth it, yes? I'm glad you're figuring that out for yourself.