Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #51

  1. This week ended my semester at school (graduation is the 21st) which normally would mean the summer off, with the option of picking up Per Diem shifts if I wanted. But this year the school is closing and with the new baby due in September I'm not sure when to start a new job search.
  2. Please pray~as I pray for discernment of when and if God is calling me to work outside the home.
  3. This marked a second week of very long hours for C., and I continue to be impressed with how well Elisabeth is handling the separation. 'Daddy' tries hard to call at bedtime and they have a sweet conversation and then she goes to sleep without much of a fuss. She asks for him every morning; but if I say he's left for work, she snuggles in for another hug and then goes on with her day.
  4. Part of the fun of May every year is celebrating Charlie's and my birthday which are a day apart. Over the years we have largely perfected making the individual birthday special but still having great fun celebrating together.
  5. Current favorite toddler phrases: "Let's dance!!", and "Come on Mommy, keep up!"
  6. Midwife appointment earlier this week for Cashew, and all is well. Yay!!
  7. Plans for the weekend, catch up time with 'Daddy' (after we let him sleep in) and birthday fun!
My thanks again and always to Jen of Conversion Diary for hosting this meme.

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  1. Have great weekend together! It's tough when Dad has to be away alot.