Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick Takes #86

  1. Like much of the country it was hot here this week ~ like triple digit even in the shade hot, like so glad I found this link full of suggestions:
Faith & Family Live! : Iced Coffee
2. Have not yet had the chance to try any of the recipes out yet, but will mostly likely very soon have coffee ice cubes cool in my freezer.

3. Announcement regarding new Archbishop made with the usual amount of leaking and the mainstream press only occasionally misrepresenting that Cardinal Rigali was stepping down due to grand jury issues as oppose to retiring due to age.
4. Another favorite link from the week is a short story by an author, Paige, I happen to know from the blog-o-sphere whose first book I reviewed here. Love the message of storing up memories of the simple everyday moments of loving our kids at all their various ages and stages.

5. For example last evening when Lisbeth being her typical toddler self declined to eat her mac&cheese, Liam being the adventurous new eater (and good brother) ate them instead.

6. Pick and enjoyed my first tomato last night! Some creature enjoyed a few tomatoes a couple of nights ago!

7. It is really hot ~ have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. "Some creature enjoyed a few tomatoes a couple of nights ago!"

    Bet it was a squirrel. Sigh. Wanna borrow my CritterRidder?

  2. There are bunnies "living" in my garden! I was in the garden one evening to pick tomatoes, looked down and saw a bunny staring up at me . . . it had the nerve to stay there while I was there!! ;)

  3. I wasn't going to click on the recipe for iced coffee but then take 2 said it was coffee ice cubes? Crazy!

  4. Oh yum! A fresh tomato - that sounds heavenly. I need to call my stepmom and see if they have any yet...I'll be the 'critter' in their garden - ha!

  5. It really is hot. I hope that you enjoy your fresh tomato and your ice coffee cubes!