Monday, August 1, 2011

OBX week in review: Part 1

As some of you may have noticed this spot was rather quiet last week ~ well the reason ~ was I (and some of my favorite people) was enjoying some vacation/family time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A get-a-way we have now manage q-3 years three times now.

Saturday: Driving: Which all things considered went well ~ we got a later start then I had been hoping, but otherwise the kids dealt with the various beach traffic slow downs well. Thanks in part to the occasional stop to eat and run around and Mommy's iPad. Upon arrival Lisbeth quickly joined in on the cousins antics while Liam decided to take in the new surrounds and many people from the safety of Mommy's or Daddy's shoulder.

Sunday: Started with breakfast and exploring the house a bit in daylight, checking out the views from the decks and then off to Mass. During big family vacation we divided up the cooking with each smaller family taking the dinner duty one night and tonight was our night so once the kids were napping, some shopping and prep happened. A glimpse of the beach and some pool-time completed the afternoon free time ~ then preparing the tasty dinner enjoyed by all.

Monday: Nice walk on the beach in the morning introducing Lisbeth to the pleasures of collecting shells and Liam to sand & sea ~ kid approved, pool in the afternoon ~ nothing complicated, much fun! Another very tasty dinner, this one prepared by a sister's father-in-law and then some cocktail time with my sisters once the kids were tucked-in.

Tuesday: An early morning which did allow the chance to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Later in the afternoon pool time again with Lisbeth getting more confident trusting her floating suit and Liam with standing and splashing in the 'baby' pool, then some time browsing the local shops including some playground time and ice cream.

More soon.


  1. Sounds like such a fun time! Love the photos!!!

  2. Sounds like fun, I love the pics...and thanks for being so sweet and always offering to help me. When need to do a meet up soon!!