Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick Takes #91: Quick Links

Seven posts which have warmed my heart and filled my tank in the last week:

1. Having left the altar: Prayer
2. Michelle of Endless Strength: Working
3. Sara on VirtuousPlanet : Vocation

4. Almost Not Catholic: Mary
5. Little Catholic Bubble: Eucharist

6. Elizabeth of That Married Couple: Community
7. Kaitlin of More like Mary, More Like Me: Celebrating Life

Please visit Conversion Diary hosted by Jen for more of this week's Quick Takes


  1. Joy, thanks. It is always heartwarming to know that what I write has helped or moved someone else. It is amazing how this crazy thing called the internet can create so many connections among people who otherwise would have been perfect strangers.

  2. Joy -- thank you. That post was a long time coming, I am glad it touched you.

    How is it I have not been following your blog? oh well, situation rectified! :)