Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick Takes #92: September Memories!

--- 1 ---
Watching a certain 1 year old destroying his 'Elmo' cupcake. Overall I think his birthday celebrations went well, it was low-key, fun and in no way freaked out our somewhat timid little one.
--- 2 ---
Lisbeth's first day of nursery school, slightly bumpy start as Daddy was out of town and her favorite backpack was a no go due to school rules ~ but she pulled it together and had a great day.
--- 3 ---
A visit from G-ma usually means a visit from her wonderful dog and this visit was no difference. The adults got to keep their reflexes in shape trying to keep Liam out of the dog's bowl of water.
--- 4 ---
Began a Water Babies class with Liam; he loves it and I'm loving hold and splashing around with him.
--- 5 ---
Lisbeth is currently really into puzzles. So much fun to sit with her and do a puzzle ~ and over the course of the month watch her come to understand the concept of finding the corner pieces, which pieces go on the outside, etc.
--- 6 ---
Last weekend we went to a Creperie for dinner with friends and while I was ordering Lisbeth's crepe I asked for 'light' chocolate in the hopes of minimizing the mess as she is very definite about feeding herself. Overhearing me, she proclaimed "But I like dark chocolate!" I assured her that the crepe would contain dark chocolate and all was well.
--- 7 ---
Have of late found amusing, (as I observe their feast days) to imagine a conversion between Saint Jerome (today) and St. Therese de Liseaux (tomorrow).
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