Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick Takes #97

  1. Happy December! Happy Advent!  There is so much to do, gifts, cards, and cleaning but I can't help loving this time of year.  At 3 years old I'm hoping that Lisbeth can begin to take hold of the special meaning of this time of year.
  2. Liam gives hugs ~ and big wide open kisses!
  3. When someone asked Lisbeth this week what she had for Thanksgiving; she recounted "Chicken, oranges, apples, and marshmallows" ~ in other words her thanksgiving feast at nursery school.  Clearly the one she shared with us was not as memorable.
  4. Liam is now starting to stand independently and betting has begun on if he will be walking by Christmas/New Year.  Given his interesting personality of being very laid-back and stubborn at the same time ~ I'm in the 'no' group!
  5. Am enjoying rereading the Advent book I review at a more pensive pace.  Now just some time to check out the wonderful suggestions in these children-focused books I picked up for the kids.
  6. Really did enjoy unseasonably warm Thanksgiving, made all the raking and kid chasing more pleasant.  That said, am also very pleased that there is a nip in the air and need to bundle up as we head out on our early evening walks to see whose has lights up. 
  7. Key plan for the weekend ~ clearing off dining room table for Advent Wreath! Have a good one!
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  1. Have a great weekend! How old is Liam now? I say no to the walking question too.

  2. Joe gives the big open mouthed kisses too! It's so sweet and melts my heart!

  3. I haven't heard of that book, but it sounds great. Maybe next Advent...

  4. Lisbeth's nursery school feast sounds pretty yummy - especially the marshmallow part :).