Monday, April 9, 2012

Lenten thoughts

        Overall it was a good Lent, with its usually share of success and failures.  I did not manage to make a Morning Offering every morning and so a discipline I'm still working towards but I did manage to abstain from fiction for the whole time except for one afternoon sick with a GI bug when I opted to curl-up with a favorite book.  This did help me to make the time to finish not only the devotional I chose for Lent but a book on prayer and to start another.  Simplify the Soul was wonderful; I really enjoyed the prayers included and the practices recommended.

        Almsgiving wise I completed (largely) successfully a 40 day/40 bag challenge ( post coming) and discovered through Leila's posts Reece's Rainbow and was able to meet my giving goal.

     Where I was not as successful was incorporating Lenten practices for the kids, the two books I got both proved to be beyond them, ah well, on to next year.

Happy Easter!!


  1. Blessed Easter to you and your beautiful fanily!

  2. Such an awesome picture!! I cannot believe how big they are...