Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doing Something...

    During Lent I was looking for a direction for my almsgiving ~ and thanks to  Leila of the Little Catholic Bubble and The Orphan Report was introduced to the wonderful organization/site of Reece's Rainbow and their mission to make children with Down's Syndrome and/or other special needs who are awaiting for adoption known to families throughout the world and help defray the cost.
    Since Lent has ended I have still made the additional donation but had also been thinking what else I could do and exploring the site I discovered what else: I could become a Prayer Warrior!

    So let me please introduce you to the two little ones I have commited to praying for, and featuring their profiles on my blog and Facebook page.

Jessa 15H

 Girl, born Feb 2010
Eyes: Grey
Hair: blond
Character is calm, smiling

New photo of Jessa!   Sweet little Jessa has rickets, and a mild umbilical hernia (not uncommon for children with Down syndrome).  She also has some heart issues, ventricular septum defect, and an atrial septum defect.  She is listed as having a development delay as well, due to her Down syndrome.

Single moms welcome, great region to adopt from! 

$1514.96 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Yana 2H

Girl, born May 2011

Yana is gorgeous and HEALTHY aside from her Down syndrome — she is amazing the doctor and caregivers at her orphanage with her good health!

We were very lucky to get her listed at such a young age — another RR family was at her orphanage and able to take pictures of her.   Because of her age, she will not be cleared for adoption until Feb 2012, so it’s the perfect time for a family to begin the adoption process and prepare to bring her home.
More pictures and medical history available.

$579.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.

So please pray that these little girls find a family to take them home and if you can donate to their adoption fund to defray some the cost of the adoption ~ bless you.

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  1. This is so good. I have been meaning to take some time and peruse the site and figure out what I could do at this time. Guess I need to force some "down" time so I can do that.