Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Takes #106

Inspired by the carnival hosted by the Modern Mrs Darcy of life changing books ~ here is off a list of favorite/take to desert island books.

  1. The Bible, truly not a 'what I think I should say' answer ~ storytelling, poetry, inspiration and instruction all in one.
  2. I truly love the entire series but if I had to choose one (or two) of the eight books in the series Anne of the Island and Anne's House of Dreams alternate as my favorite.
  3. Amazing Grace: a vocabulary of grace ~ reading  Kathleen Norris's reflections on words of faith has been on of the best springboards for me to think and pray about the vocabulary of my faith and prayer life.
  4. Pride and Prejudice, the quint-essential comedy of manners/romance!
  5. A Civil Campaign: I'm not much of a fantasy fan but a friend of mine knew with my love of the romance and 'comedy of manners' genre I would love it ~ and she was right. Even over several re-reading I continue to find it so funny and so endearing.
  6. The Grand Sophy ~ Heyer wrote many, many wonderful regency romances, this is one of her best (according to me).
  7. Perhaps this spot should go to a book I have always meant to read but never had ~ Anna Karenina, The Right Stuff or The Lord of the Rings.  If it does not work out I have six favorites to fall back to.

Please head over to Conversion Diary to enjoy the rest of this weeks Quick Takes.


  1. What a neat entry! I just finished re-reading Cotillion by Heyer; I'll have to try The Grand Sophy then! -Jean

  2. I've read many of these. Great list!

  3. Hi! Anne of the Island is my favorite Anne book! Ahhhh.

    And Kathleen Norris would make my list, too. The Cloister Walk.

    Thank you for sharing! I'm happy I found your blog...