Friday, March 22, 2013

5 minute friday: Remember

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  Remember when you had that away rotation on a reservation in Arizona and I helped drive you out except I didn't know how to drive stick so I learned along the way; and we went to the Grand Canyon and walking up to the rim were disappointed that it was so overcast but it didn't matter because once we got there the Canyon was immense, awesome, totally taking our breath away.   

That night it snowed, and so the next morning we all but had the national park to ourselves, and we wandered around pueblos and walked over lava rocks like kids in a playground finally climbing up that rise just to find the top too socked in with fog for any view but then on the walk down we hit a point below the clouds where it all came into view; the savannah like grass and rocks just below us and in the distance the painted desert ~ and you, who had gone first to show the way down smiling back up me.


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  1. What great memories!!! I love that our memories are the stories of our lives, and that we have them to hang on to! I have never been to the Grand Canyon or anywhere like that, I couldn't imagine seeing the vastness of it or the beauty of it in person, but reading this I feel like I can kinda envision it! Good post!! :)

  2. Grand Canyon has got to be one of my all time favorite places I have ever visited. Went there on my honey moon and I look forward to taking my children there eventually.