Monday, March 25, 2013

Choosing joy: A review

This book makes for wonderful reading.  Dan Lord uses his life experience, and those of others including his father and sister as well as the Saints to write on the joy of the Christian life that takes into account the reality of life.  The book starts with the story of the authors life as a singer/songwriter for a touring rock group and his eventually reversion and his exploration of the fruits of Holy Spirit, focusing on Joy.

What I most liked about this book was the tone of the writing and suggestions given. The writing is engaging and easy to follow.  This is not at all a light hearted look at the daily life of a Catholic but rather obstacles are brought up and subjects such as pain and suffering are explored with common objections acknowledged and addressed. The examples and advice lead up to how you trust God’s will and experience great 'joy'.  The chapters and sections within are well paced to allow for pausing and thinking about points raised.

While the core of the book is about how to invite Christian Joy into your life and live according, Dan Lord does in a sense complete the arc and with the example of his father's passing how Christian Joy aids in a peaceful death.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to deepening their relationship with God.

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