Friday, June 7, 2013

Quick Takes #136

  1. Bathroom is 80% complete, woo hoo! The process never goes exactly as planned but overall am happy and will post pictures soon.
  2. Yesterday was the anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy.  Really enjoyed this article by Elizabeth Scalia of The Anchoress.  Will we see his like again? Hope so.
  3. World Day of the Priest is today, Sarah of With a Hopeful Heart has a great list of suggestions.  We are coloring pictures to deliver Sunday and I'll be sending some texts.
  4. Upon seeing that her brother had rearranged some of her Legos Lisbeth said "I am so peeved at him" Okay then! Thank you Word Girl!
  5. Cherry Lemonade cupcakes, yummy!
  6. While I have struggled in the past settling on a Patron Saint for the kids, this time I've known since the pregnancy whose intercession I would seek if the baby was a girl; Saint Therese de Lisieux ~ her 'simple way' so speaks to me and what I want for my kids as they hopefully grow in faith.
  7. Do you know this song "Simple Prayer"? Either way ~ enjoy!


  1. Yay for progress on home improvement!

    Love the "Little Flower". :)

  2. Oooo, show us pictures when the bathroom is done! I love to see other's projects!!

    I had no idea today was World day for the Priest! Thanks, for sharing. I have felt convicted to write more to priests . . . those we know over the world, short notes to our parish priests. Myabe I will write a few today!