Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Best: Sacrament Edition

  Joining up with Grace of Camp Patton for this new link-up ~ celebrating mothering, fashion and raising little saints.

This week we all headed to Church to initiate our littlest lady into the faith:

My short sleeve sweater & skirt were both from Christopher & Banks
Caitlin wore her Great- grandfather's gown, also worn by her grandmother, mother, aunts, and her sister.

Elisabeth ~ A, mostly due to getting to sit with a favorite cousin
Liam ~ B-, due to wanting me to hold him at about the worst moment
Caitlin ~ A, issued only the most minor protest for being woken from a nap with cold water!

Please head over the Camp Patton for more discussions of aiming for our Sunday Best


  1. Welcome to the Church, Caitlin!!!

  2. Congratulations to Caitlin! How awesome to be able to wear an heirloom gown!