Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick Takes #148

  1. The always busy time of year was made a bit busier by Dr Daddy covering extra call so some collegues could attend a conference + unexpected (but welcome) snow days + Me having to do all the pre-employment stuff to return to my teaching job = neglected blog.  
  2. Yes, after taking last academic year off I will be working again as a clinical instructor this coming spring semester.  I had to attend a couple of faculty meetings planning for the coming semester this past week; and happy to report that both Caitlin and I survived.  As I've written before I am of two minds about working but am as always grateful for the opportunity and for those who care for my kids in my absence.  The fact that it was a dear friend of mine definitely made leaving for the first time a bit easier.
  3. Last weekend we went a bit crazy and decided to go into New York with Charlie's mom and sister and her family.  Despite some occasional blowing snow/sleet in our faces everyone had a great time and managed to visit the Public Library to see the lions with the festive wreaths, Grand Central Station at the request of my train-crazy nephew, Rockefeller Center and Saint Patricks.
  4. Yes, I can cross that one off my bucket list except ~ we arrived just in time for Mass (yay) and so no time to look around (boo) and at the moment most of the interior is covered with scaffolds and cloths.  Mass was lovely and the kids did great but I still hope to return someday when the scaffolds are down and I have the time to wander.
  5. After Mass we hurried for the Subway back down to Port Authority to catch our bus home.  We made our bus (yay) but learned that due to the weather they were no longer going to bus stops in my uncle-in-laws town but would dropped off at the edge of town.  During the TWO MILE  walk home all of the big kids were amazing hiker and while Liam and Caitlin were pretty miserable their crying probably kept them warm and alleviated the hypothermia worry that mared an otherwise lovely winter hike.  
  6. During both the bus rides into and out of the city Elisabeth and her twin cousin (only 9 days difference in age) sereranaded us with renditions of  "The Wheels on the Bus" and "We are Riding on the Bus".  Hope the other passengers didn't mind :)
  7. Some of the fun heard around here recently:
Elisabeth upon noticing that someone had addressed a Christmas tag 'Lisbeth' told a friend of ours that "My name is always spelled E.l.i.s.a.b.e.t.h., just sometime the first E is silent"

Liam: gibberish
Daddy: say that again
Liam: gibberish
Daddy: ??
Liam: Watch and learn!

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