Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick Takes #164: Remembering to Give Thanks

Things are cuckoo crazy around here what with maybe finally getting the old house sold ~ with its accompanying fixing-up, emptying the last of our stuff etc; Dr Daddy traveling more and more;  and all the kids getting bigger, having homework and deciding to go all toddler destructive when unsupervised.

However there is much to give thanks for and while I knew a daily rundown would be beyond me right now do want to a couple times this month pause and give thanks:

  1. For the chance to do a Mommy&Me swim class with Caitlin; she loves it ~ I love it and so very much want to have those special one-on-one times with each kid.
  2. Watching Elisabeth doing so well and really enjoying her gymnastics class.
  3. Finding a buyer for the house who will cherish it just as much as we did
  4. The chance to spend some time with my mom, one of my sisters and their family last weekend.
  5. How the 'bigs' helped entertain Caitlin when traffic made the long ride home even longer.
  6. The virus that passed through the house was relatively quick and didn't create much havoc.
  7. A marriage growing better with time.
  8. The promise of more family time this coming weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend! And head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick 7's


  1. That is such a great list of things! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Great idea for quick takes, and hooray for finding a house buyer!

  3. Loved this posts. Such great snapshots into everyday life. And yet again, you really do capture awesome pictures of the kids.