Saturday, November 29, 2014

Taking Time to Give Thanks: Take 2

As the month and liturgical year winds down pausing once again to give thanks:

  1. A little boy who tells me many times a day that he loves me.
  2. A husband who loves to cook and encourages me to be braver in the kitchen.
  3. A baby girl who is learning to give voice to her love for us and has starting serenading me at bedtime.
  4. A bigger girl who continues to be an amazing source of light and laughter in my world.
  5. Our cozy Cape who welcomed us as newlyweds and provided warmth and support as we became new parents and grew our family.
  6. The lovely fieldstone Colonial that is everyday feeling more and more like home.
  7. Our Lord who as the days grow darker promises light and love everlasting.