Friday, January 23, 2015

Quick Takes: #170 Recently Heard:Kid Speak

  1. Caitlin: "I'm Princess Caitie! Where is my dress?"
  2. Elisabeth: "Is Christmas over over?" Me: Yes. Elisabeth: "Does that mean I have to stop listening to Emmanuel (her favorite Christmas song this year)?"
  3. Liam:  Tomorrow is Mother-Son Day and we should have a party! What are you getting me? (I resisted the urge to ask him what he was getting me.)
  4. Caitlin: Happy Birthday!! (said every time she sees the Sophia balloon we got for her party)
  5. Elisabeth: I'm not going to need a haircut for a year!! (said after she had donated 8 inches as part of a service projected hosted by her school)
  6. Liam: You're the best mom a kid like me could ever have!
  7. So despite the fact that you will not see this little ole blog listed for a Sheenazer this year I do apparently have fans... and seriously do encourage you to head over to A Knotted Life and VOTE!
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  1. It's so cute how kids always associate balloons with birthdays. :) And I nominated you for a Sheenazing but don't know what happened b/c I didn't see you listed- I must have entered the url wrong or something. Just wanted to let you know you were nominated!

  2. Aw Liam is so sweet! I love the compliments they come up with :)