Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WWRW: January 14th

   Nearly done with Sense and Sensibility and while it will not compete for the status of my favorite Austen, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion get to duke it out for that distinction, I am glad I decided to reread it (started once in high school and never finished).  I found Eleanor much more engaging, Marianne less annoying and the side characters more entertaining then I remembered.  And I now have a place holder for the "book I should have read in high school' category for the MMD reading challenge; ideally I will slot one in that I start and finish this year but nice to have the challenge begun.

Fiction wise I'm staying in the Austen realm though in a modern take and hoping to read Dear Mr. Knightly next ~ will report back later.

Non-fiction wise I am reading A book of Saints for Catholic Mothers by Lisa Hendey and am so far enjoying it though discovering it is really more of a daily devotional am scouting around for more of a chapter at a time book.

So what is in your book stack?

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  1. I read S&S back in hs too. It was for a paper, though, so reading it felt more like work than for fun. I'd like to read it again sometime! I'm working on A Homemade Life, and next maybe Complications (written by a surgeon) for the category I don't usually read. Looking forward to hearing about Dear Mr. Knightly when you're through. :)