Friday, February 27, 2015

Five minute friday: Visit

Feeling the need to stretch my creative muscles and so I'm joining in this week's five minute friday now hosted by Kate Motaung of heading Home



   One of the new aspects of my faith which came to me in college was making a 'holy hour' and sitting in peace, in adoration for awhile before my Lord. At beginning I of course worried if I was doing it right but in time and with some encouragement I came to relax and enjoy my weekly visits and the graces of being still and quiet and just visiting

  The different seasons of my life have not always an hour a week to visit in such a dedicated way but I carry the lesson forward of great and lasting good of being still and visiting in such a way as to leave space for me to talk, for him to talk, and for the lovely silence to sometimes comes between friends.


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  1. A good visit always has times of listening doesn't it? Stopping by from FMF. Thanks for your sweet words.