Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick Takes #174; Snapshot of a 7 year old

It seems appropriate as she is now 7 to dedicate this week's 7QT's 
to 7 random things I don't want to forget about Elisabeth now

  1. While she holds the title as my pickiest eater (to date) of late Elisabeth's has been on a try random fruit and vegetable kick; having recently tried kiwi, mango, and zuccini and only the kiwi was declared no good.  Helping out more and more in the kitchen and watching Becky Crocker and Nerdy Nummies videos by the dozens on
  2. Currently wants to be a palenotologists, and asked for a couple of reference books for her birthday because "There is so much to learn!!"
  3. Continues to be very into Legos and building; requested the Elsa palace for her birthday (so far unavailable) and in a day put together the Rapunzel tower she was given. Hello Kitty is still very much a favorite!!
  4. While still mostly watching kid fare has recently discovered HGTV with favorites being Rehab Addict and Property Brothers. Will also happily watch Fixer Upper with me.
  5. Math continues to be her favorite subject and she is a whiz. Some struggles with reading but gaining confidence ~ books from the library alternate between dinosaurs and Fancy Nancy.  
  6. Loves gymnastics and is limber like no ones business; forever trying out new twists and jumps off various pieces of furniture. Is also discovering basketball thanks to a clinic organized by a classmates mom.
  7. During the wintery weather she has been all about cleaning off our cars including climbing up onto the roof to clean that off ~ and then engaging whoever she can in snowball fights.

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