Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WWRW: February 4th

Linking up with Jessica of Housewifespice for another edition of WWRW

The Dean's Watch by Elizabeth Goudge: I'm a little over half-way through and after a lot of set-up and background on the main characters (which was in itself lovely and well written) I am hitting the core of the story which is the growing friendship between a cathedral's dean and a local watch/clock maker and how that friendship not only effects them but those closest to them.  I'm currently fighting a cold and truly just want to curl up with this one and read away the hours ~ kids allowing of course.

However if Caitlin had her way we would be reading Julia's House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke and I do see her point as it is a lovely, well illustrated story of a young girl and her decision to offer a home to lost creatures, and how much more smoothly that goes when chores get sorted out.

If Liam is getting his wish we are reading  SuperHero ABC by Bob McLeod which truly is a great alphabet book filled with comic book style pictures, awesome alliterations and some of the zaniest heroes you will ever meet.

Now please head over to Jessica's for more WWRW.


  1. Ha! And guess who got both Caitlin and Liam those books?

  2. I'm requesting those kids' books stat and I'm reading The Dean's Watch too! It's my mother-in-law's favorite book.