Friday, June 26, 2015

Quick Takes #184: Stream of Consciousness 800 posts later!

  1. Have of course been following the coverage out of Charleston; so impressed with how the church community has pushed forward and how the victims families have already been able to talk about the power of forgiveness
  2. Summer so far is going well with daily trips to a local playground or time spent biking or scootering around the neighborhood. The pace is about to pick with community camp starting today; and July brings a week of gymnastics camp for the two bigs and later an enrichment week for Elisabeth. As always hoping to strike the right balance between planning activities and allowing for downtime. 
  3. The house a year later has that familiar home feel to it; and while there is less pictures hung and more book boxes still to unpack then I would have guessed a year back I also know a lot of livin happened in the past year and bit by bit the filling of book shelves and hanging of pictures will happen.
  4. Soon I plan to enlist Lisbeth's help in pick-up her room sufficient for pictures to be taken and perhaps a post about how we transformed her room since moving in. Regardless of whether I ever post about it ~ I'm very much feeling the pressure to capture this moment for something tells me that her room may look very different by next summer. 
  5. If the Blogger post counter is to be believed this is my 800th post which is something I can't quite wrap my brain around but promise a more fleshed out reflection on at some point soon. In the meantime thank you for all of you who have read along on this adventure.
  6. Prayers for all those without power especially our hostess.
  7. Plans for the weekend include swimming lessons, shopping and general charging after a couple of tough weeks.
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  1. I really admire so many people in that Charleston community who have spoken words of forgiveness! And 800 posts- amazing. Definitely a milestone!