Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Goals: A follow-up

Hello! Happy June!
   How was your May? Overall mine was good; the weather got very hot very quickly but otherwise a lot of fun was had celebrating birthdays, moms, and starting to get ready for summer.

Goal wise I was glad to have them and feel like I did well overall ~ an old wrist injury from my gymnastic days re-emerge which adversely effected my ability to do the strength training I had hoped to.  And so to recap:

Goals for the month:

Wake up my style by committing to wearing skirts or dresses 3x a week ~ This went well and I really had fun mixing things up and hopefully will continue in June though not planning on aiming for a specific number.
  • 5000 steps (counting on my phone which I don't constantly carry) a day and strength training 3x a week.  This was a mixed bag; according to my phone the monthly average was about 4000 (3988) steps so not bad but definitely room for improvement. My wrist is feeling better so I'm planning on just continuing this goal into June and hope to actually manage some consistency with strength training.

  • 30 oz of water a day ~ feel like I did well with this but not yet a habit so will hold at this level for another month in the hopes of establish this amount as habit before trying for more.

  • Journaling daily in my nice new Blessed is She journal ~ I only missed a couple of days but too often it was jotting down a couple of notes before turning out the lights. My plan for this month is to be more intentional in planning journaling time and more reflective in my responses.

  • minimum of 8 posts this month on this little blog here ~ managed 7; close but not quite :)
With school winding down and summer activities starting holding steady and building on the progress of May feels like the way to go for the moment but am also open to seeing what the month brings.

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