Friday, July 10, 2015

Quick Takes #185: Toddler in the House!

  1.  Imagination and vocabulary combine for the thing that currently slays me the most in the cute department with Caitlin. She tells me stories where Queen Mommy & Princess Caitlin go somewhere (usually a walk or a picnic) and are rescue from some peril like crocodiles by Super Liam. Really hoping to get one on tape before this phase ends.
  2. Swim lessons are going well; she is not fond of the back float but otherwise enjoys paddling and kicking; getting the hang of blowing bubbles and in general having fun.  She is definitely getting the hang of peddling her little tricycle; steering less so but all in good time. She has even tried a few times to use Lisbeth's scooter; just another example of how she is forever trying to catch-up with her big sister and brother.
  3. As number 3 she doesn't often get first choice in show selection but when she does (or when she thinks to ask while the bigs are at camp) the top choices are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Wonder Pets.
  4. The routine for books at bedtime now involve her closing her bedroom door and welcoming us to her Library and encouraging us to select a book.  Her second favorite place to be read to is in Mommy & Daddy's bed.
  5. Naps are becoming tough with the big kids out of school and her great desire to be with them I almost have to trick her by leaving her in the highchair a little longer after lunch or putting her in the stroller. At bedtime I'm still rocking her in the glider but now moving her to the crib once she starts drifting, holding her hand for a couple minutes and then tip-toeing out. After a couple of weeks of this routine we are down to a minute or two of crying most nights.
  6. She continues to be a good eater (though I know the pickies may still show-up); not much of a breakfast eater the rest of the day she is largely willing to try most things. Favorites are mac&cheese, string cheese, and eggs. As Liam's parrot she will often ask for a cheese burger when he does with mixed results. Mostly she is very independent but not very tidy as texture and playing with her food is still So Much Fun! Ah well she is washable!
  7. As the last hints of babyhood start to slip away I'm enjoying the loving, fun & feisty little lady she is becoming!

Trying out Lisbeth's bed and Mommy's old phone.

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