Friday, July 24, 2015

Quick Takes #186: Swimming fun, NFP, and lots of mint!

  1. Life recently was super hot and then it wasn't or more accurately the humidity took a dive!! What a relief; cue many an afternoon of backyard water play in the paddling pool, water table and slip&slide. This has also allowed for a bit more reading time for me! 
  2. Our local Y divides swimming lessons into two sessions and we have just started the second. I'm going to need to keep my expectations under control cause they all did great during their first 6 lessons. Lisbeth now routinely puts her face in the water and has even jumped off the diving blocks both things she absolutely refused to do at the beginning of June. Liam has gone from being afraid to swim without anyone holding him to reveling in it; I'm seriously considering 'forgetting' his vest for our Maine trip and seeing how he does with just arm floats. Lastly I'm having such fun splashing around with Caitie; she is not at all afraid of the water and really enjoys kicking and paddling around.
  3. Rosie of A blog for my mom is on a mission to reach the milestone of 500 'likes' for her Facebook page without FB help. In return for which she will model many a romper for us. So if you are on FB and are not already enjoying her wonderful writing and her kids antics ~ please consider.
  4. And on a much smaller scale if I get my little ole page to 100 likes will model a jumpsuit of mine from back in the day aka 20 years ago that has survived every closet purge, and be depicted for posterity.
  5. NFP week ~ I never know what to write ~ luckily these lovely ladies do; please pay a visit to Kathryn's and Haley's for this and this.
  6. Free space to rest after your click trip :)
  7. Last year as a housewarming gift we were given a mint plant which I planted and now we have a LOT of mint ~ any suggestions what to do with it?
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  1. I'm so excited to see your jumpsuit!

    And mint - lots and lots of mojitos? Mint ice cream? I saw a recipe for mint extract and I bet you could do that, too! Maybe dry some and use it for tea?