Tuesday, August 18, 2015

As Traditions Evolve

Hello again ~ we are back from a wonderful vacation week in Maine with family,  of which I will tell you more later, the end of which involved sitting through many a long traffic jam in Connecticut. Given the slowness of progress and the diminishing of patience as the hour grows later and they grow more tired starting at Waterbury we were treating to many (MANY) questions about how close to New York we were? ~ and why weren't we in New York yet?

Because you see as of about 6 months ago whenever we travel into New York we play this song:

Which got me thinking about traditions and what of these days will my kids carry with them and reflect on in days to come.

Will it be the song we always play to mark a certain point in the trip or the favorite ice cream place we always go to. Will it be gathering kindling for the s'more night or picking blackberries on Blackberry Lane.

For me growing-up traveling north always meant stopping for an ice cream cone somewhere in Connecticut, playing Battleship with my sisters in the car and Crazy 8 at the cabin. Going to Galilee Beach and eating clam cakes after playing in the water. Mirror Lake, the Swift river and loving our rides along the Kancamagus Highway.

What memories or places say summer vacation to you?


  1. We drive from NC to MA twice a year and it seems that there is ALWAYS a traffic jam in CT!

  2. I always remember our road trips growing up- certain songs make me think of those times, too. :) Looking forward to hearing about Maine!