Friday, August 21, 2015

Quick Takes #188 Vacation Days

Sharing 7 things I don't want to forget about our vacation this year.
  1. Dr Daddy was able to leave a bit early on Friday and so our plan to split the trip over two days actually came to be. The kids seem to appreciate the shorter drives and it allowed us to spend the afternoon with my aunt and uncle in New Hampshire and still make it to Maine by Saturday evening.  The kids had great fun playing in their yard and pool and the grown-ups really enjoyed catching up after not seeing each other in a few years ~ as in this was their first time meeting Caitlin.
  2. We discovered when we got to G-ma's that Caitlin was not going to fit in the Pack&Play up there and so with crossed fingers and a quiet prayer to her guardian angel we tucked her in with Liam in a queen size bed which while lovely is also quite high up.  She did great and tugged at my heart strings night after night as she went to bed with her sister and brother in a Big Kid bed!!
  3. As hoped the big kids had a blast swimming and performed amazing feats of swimming underwater, doing flips, and in Liam case by the end of the week taking giant leaps off the edge into the water.
  4. As various family members scattered to different activities Lisbeth and I had the change to go miniature golfing. Always so much fun to get one-on-one time with one of them and be able to really focus and listen to their ideas. 
  5. The ocean always soothes my soul and brings me back to myself and this year was no different. It was also during our time at the ocean I was able to quiet the noise and really just be as I watched the kids. Liam in particular as he laughed and raced in and out of the waves seemed to turn 5 (actually in a couple weeks) right before my eyes.
  6. The food was delish; Charlie outdid himself and cooked brunch most mornings and many a morning I was able to sit out on the screened porch with my mother & sister-in-law with our tea or coffees, talk and watch the hummingbirds. At our favorite ice cream place the flavors of the year according to the kids were Dino Crunch and Strawberry Lemonade.  The kids also really enjoyed the night we made s'mores and I will cherish the night I got to indulge on a yummy lobster while I watched the kids go to town with clam strips.
  7. And now the photo dump :)

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  1. It all sounds like the summer vacation childhoods are made of. :)