Monday, November 23, 2015

Daybook ~ Late November

Thinking about:
    Getting serious about Christmas shopping so as not to leave it all for the last minute. What additions I might make to how kid-wise we observe Advent.

Excited For:
   Thanksgiving and getting together with family and watching the kids play with their cousins. An Outer Banks trip my sisters and I are starting to plan for next summer. Haven't been in almost five years!

Wearing: Mostly jeans and clogs or skirts and boots; still in the 60's most days so have not really had to break into the sweaters much but as of this weekend that is about to change.

   Bulbs are all planted. Most of the leaves from nearby trees are down so hopefully coming down the homestretch on raking/bagging.  Have already done a bit of pruning but want to do some more once all the leaves are down.
My View:

Reading:  All fall Charlie and I have been reading or rereading parts of the Vorkosian saga by Lois McMaster Bujold. A friend started us on the series a few years ago towards the end but enjoying it Charlie has since bought all the books and so having reread everything I have read before I thought I would read one I haven't yet.

Watching: Blindspot, and the North&South mini-series. I read the book earlier this year and recently borrowed the DVDs from my sister. I really enjoyed it; felt like it was well acted, faithful to the book and so fun to see Brendan Coyle in another role.

Cooking: Spinach Quiche and otherwise trying to eat down the freezer ahead of the holiday.

The Kids: Elisabeth is still crazy about dinosaurs! Becoming a stronger reader all the time, is going to find some chapter books featuring her favorite Fancy Nancy under the tree.

Liam continues to enjoy Pre-K and all that he is learning about letters and numbers.  He is by far the smallest in his group at gymnastics but seems content to keep trying despite a weekly bump or bruise.

Caitlin is as much if not more of a talker than Lisbeth was. Favorite show is currently Max and Ruby.
Still enjoys drawing everywhere but is slowly learning to resist the temptation walls provide.

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  1. I enjoyed the N&S mini-series too. Enjoy your trip planning! :)