Friday, November 20, 2015

Quick Takes #195 Life these days

  1. Really enjoyed participating in the 31day posting challenge last month but clearly needed a break afterwards but now want to play a bit of catch-up.
  2. Halloween went well in the end with Elisabeth happy with how her Elanor ( a superhero of her own creation) costume came together and I finally figured out that costumes frightened Caitlin and she wanted to wear her own clothes. So I put on her longest princess dress and added a pink cape for warmth ~ Lisbeth dubbed her 'little pink riding hood' and we were off without a hitch. 
  3. November has stayed at the warmer end of the fall weather spectrum which I have appreciated as I raked and bagged ~ and I'm sure the kids appreciated as they pile jumped and we even managed a few more playground playdates with friends.
  4. The All Saints Pageant at Lisbeth's school went well and it was nice to be able to follow-up this week by acknowledging the feast days of Saint Margaret of Scotland who her best friend had chosen to research and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary who Lisbeth had chosen.
  5. After the attacks last week a few people have asked after my family and so I want allay any fears; nearly all of my family on my mom's side live in Belgium and so were not near the attacks. They are of course (as am I) heartsick about the perpetrators ties to Belgium. I think one of the hardest lessons we are learning as we hear of Americans radicalized and young women disappearing from good neighborhoods in London is that it can happen anywhere.
  6. Weekend plans include meeting with a Pre-Cana couple and going to a birthday party for a friend's son. What ever yours includes, have a good one!
  7. A Picture from Halloween; better later than never right?

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