Friday, January 8, 2016

Quick Takes #198 What I did on my Christmas Break

    1.  While the trip began with a very long drive through the pouring rain which was with us for the whole while; it was overall a wonderful Christmas holiday.
    2. The payback for enduring and driving straight-thru was that Christmas Eve morning found us at our destination and able to dig in on the preparations for Wiglia and Christmas. We paused for Mass where all the kids did well and afterwards I got to watch Liam singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.
    3. Christmas Eve dinner traditionally includes reading the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke and this year Elisabeth and her cousin Claire was able to take a part. Christmas it self was its usual wonderful chaos of many people opening presents and sharing yummy food and changing out of pjs eventually.
    4. Ice Skating happened again this year and this time Elisabeth, my sister-in-law, and niece were able to join Liam and me. The kids all did really well and I again remembered how much I enjoy skating. Hopefully it won't be a year until I go again.
    5. Snow finally arrived early the next week and the kids happily broke out the saucers and went a-sleddin. A snowman was built and in general winter in New England was given its due welcome.
    6. Charlie and I were able to get away for an Anniversary lunch where I had a delicious lobster pie.  We later saw the New Year in with a wonderful fondue dinner and hilarious game of Trivia Pursuit with cousins of Charlie who came with their family to celebrate the New Year.
    7. The drive homeward was much smoother and more fun due to the total lack of rain. We are slowly putting the house back into order but are very grateful for all the fun and wonderful memories.

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