Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Reading recap and looking forward

I will with a bit of luck finish the book I selected for the final category of MMD's 2015 reading challenge later this week; Snowflake Bay a book I choose for its cover and that it was set in Maine at Christmas time as that was where I too was spending Christmas.

Good not great with decent dialogue but I found the plotting slow and the chemistry between the hero and heroine a bit forced. Plus the book kept referring to a city as being in Rhode Island that I know to be in New Hampshire.

Looking forward Modern Mrs Darcy is hosting another reading challenge this year and I'm signing up again. Starting off with Brideshead Revisited for the Book that Intimidates Me category and I have ideas for a couple of the other categories feel like the categories leaves room for me to discover some books along the way.

Speaking of reading challenges; Lisbeth's grade was again challenged to read 40 books over the course of the school year. However unlike last year where it was a tough slog this year she is doing amazing and is already over halfway done and having fun discovering different genres.  As part of the challenge she needs to read 10 non-fiction books and so far 4 of the 5 she read are about dinosaurs.  That's my Lisbeth!!

What are you reading these days?
Anyone else joining the reading challenge?

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