Friday, April 29, 2016

Quick Takes #206: Spring 2016

Please bear with me as I share a bit of what is growing around here

  1. Spring has finally fully landed; after such crazy weather in March we have consistently now had  the type of weather which convinces blossoms to unfurl and flowers to show their colorful faces.
  2. Exhibit A:
     3. Exhibit B: The Dogwood by the driveway
     4. Exhibit C: The Cherry Tree in the front yard
     5: Exhibit D: The Lilies of the Valley growing in the backyard
     6. Of course no spring around here would be complete without a trip to Longwood Garden
     7. Happy Weekend from the painter and me!

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  1. SUCH a pretty yard, Joy! I love all the color!

  2. Hi!
    Visiting from Colleen's...
    So glad I stopped by.
    Love your space here, and will be visiting again soon!