Thursday, September 15, 2016

Liam at Six

    Liam at six (official as of a couple days ago)  is a laid back, mostly easy going dude.  Though definitely not without a temper he is able to face disappointment and regroup.  Case in point earlier this week we headed to Party City to get Pokemon stuff for his party only to find that section largely sold out; he just started looking down the aisle and decided that Skylander banner, plates, and napkins would work just as well.

   My most adventurous eater there are very few foods that he won't at least try.  Favorites include lasagna and spaghetti, beef & broccoli, and ice cream every chance he gets.  He enjoys cooking especially with Daddy; though he treasures his time with Dad above everything and would be happy to do pretty much anything with his 'buddy'!

   Ninjas teenage and otherwise are still favorites, along with Teen Titans, Transformers, and Pokemon.  We are exploring sight words and beginning to understand how letters go together to form words.

   Loves running, getting better all the time on his bike and discovering roller skating.  He is doing gymnastics currently but that is likely not to continue. Mostly he runs a lot; in the house, down the block, pretty much all the time!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!


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