Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick Takes #215: School daze and fall dreaming

  1. Happy Friday!! This was the first week of both big kids having homework and a test to study for and it was bumpy and so I'm looking forward to a weekend without homework (no projects yet) but I'm also hopeful that we will build on a decent start to something good.
  2. The Quick Recap on Liam's Pokemon Party is all good: the kids jumped to their hearts delight on trampolines and into foam pits; and then munched down on pizza and cake. Unfortunately constant motion do not make for good pictures. 
  3. Years ago I stayed away from the new Upstairs/Downstairs series having been told that if you liked the original the new would be a disappointment. Then about a month ago I bumped into the second season and liked!! So I put the first season on my Prime watchlist and last week while Dr Daddy was on a work trip I finally got a chance to watch. So the good news is I really enjoyed the series and again visiting 165 Eaton Place ~ the bad news apparently there won't be a third season. :(
  4. Of the new shows offered this fall so far I've watched "This is Us" which I really liked and "Designated Survivor" which was ok and worth a couple more episodes. Any others I should check out?
  5. Given that it is now officially fall and all; I'm ready for the weather to act accordingly.  The AC went off earlier this week and would be lovely if it could stay off for the duration.  PSL and jeans please!!
  6. If you are of the prayerful persuasion would you please send a few up on the behalf of my friend Rosie and her wee babe? Please and Thank you!
  7. Have a good weekend! 

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  1. Everyone seems to be talking about "This is Us"--I think I need to check it out. Also, I never watched the old "Upstairs/Downstairs," but always meant to. Maybe I'll try this new one?