Friday, December 9, 2016

Quick Takes #219: St Nicholas and Bye Bonnie

  1. It feels good to be blogging again; of late blogging had felt like 'one more thing' and suddenly I'm again excited about sitting down and giving voice to thoughts and events going on around me.
  2. St Nicholas was good enough to stop by and leave gifts of chocolate and toys. The hit for the two older kids were the Pokemon cards he left, for Caitie the Rapunzel barbie she received and the Elena doll Lisbeth did. The Bishop was kind enough to leave for me a couple of movies I've been wanting.
  3. Big excitement last Saturday morning when car dealership called to say that the car we ordered had arrived!! Needless to say we rearranged our Saturday to go pick the car up.  This also meant saying good-bye to Bonnie the blue Subaru Forester we have had since January of 2001. She was the first new car we had ever owned and the car in which I learned to how to drive 'stick'.  We were still living in Houston when we got her and baffled the sales person by asking for the 'winter braking package' but we knew we were soon headed back to the Mid-Atlantic and its occasional snow and ice.
  4. The new car is also a Forester and currently tentatively called Holly given the time of year and her red color.
  5. Advent is going well; I'm really enjoying the Advent journal from Blessed Is She and the kids are having fun with their Holy Heroes Advent Adventure.
  6. As is our tradition the plan is to get our tree tomorrow and will decorate it on Gaudete Sunday. Hopefully we will also get some outside lights up. Best laid plans?!?
  7. Happy Weekend!
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Goodbye Ole Girl and Thank You!

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  1. We name our cars, too! I think it's only fair, considering how much we rely on them.