Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ideas and options for books while traveling

   We live about halfway between both of our extended families and have for all of the kids lives ~ which means we are almost always traveling for the holidays. The kids are in general good travelers and I wanted to share some of the books we have found that help them pass the time so well.

  Of late Lisbeth has been big into mazes and these from Usborne are wonderful, interesting and since they get progressively harder she is not likely rush through.   All of the kids enjoy the write and wipe books and Usborne has a nice mix of instructional and fun ones.  The pages wipe easily and the pens provided have lasted well and not dried quickly if the kids don't remember to promptly recap.

  Another great option for us are the magic pens books; the pen last a long time and having just the one pen is easier for Caitlin to keep track of.  The link is to Amazon but of late I've had good luck finding them in the Target dollar bins in some of the kids favorite characters.

Finally another book series we like when traveling are these Melissa and Doug water pen books.  Tough to refill in the car but a great option while visiting since when the pages dry they are reusable and I don't have to worry on which wall or piece of furniture my frustrated artist might be drawing on.


Not a sponsored post ~ just sharing some faves.
Any good options I've missed?

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