Friday, January 20, 2017

Quick Takes #222: Successes and the sickies

  1. Prayers for our nation and its new president this Inauguration Day; prayers for the marchers this weekend.
  2. Last weekend started with Caitie's Shimmer & Shine gymnastics party during which all had a lot of fun ~ unfortunately by Monday we were all one by one hit by a stomach bug.
  3. And I again give thanks that when my kids are sick they don't tend to whine and are not impossible to console. Being sick simultaneously with both girls was definitely lousy but we have hopefully now survived our bug for the winter and can look forward to healthier days ahead.
  4. Favorite Post of Late
  5. Having finally decided to get Netflix in order to watch the new episodes of Gilmore Girls we are now watching The Crown. We have only so far watched 2 of the ten episodes of Season 1 but are enjoying it so far.
  6. Finished The Life You Save this week and while I really enjoyed it and learn so much about these four amazing people ~ it was dense and I'm looking forward to reading slightly lighter stuff for a bit.
  7. Attending a birthday party; Liam's Kindergarten Mass and doing a bit of Pre_Cana counseling this weekend while hoping for a bit of sunshine and a chance to air out the house.  Whatever the weekend holds for you ~ have a good one!!
Happy Birthday Girl!

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  1. Hoping you are all on the mend.
    And The Crown???
    Happy weekend. : )

  2. So sorry about the stomach bug! How rough to have it go through everyone. :(
    And we just got Netflix to watch The Crown and Longmire. The Crown is so good!