Friday, October 27, 2017

Quick Takes #238: Late October Life

  1. So how was your October? Good here; but feeling like having found a good rhythm with school got leveled up with scouts starting for the big kids and other fall activities.
  2. Elisabeth is headed to her first Halloween party tonight. We were browsing a costume store and she announced that she wanted to be an archer (Robin Hood not Merida) and we had a lot fun putting all the pieces together.  Liam is Charizard which is not his favorite Pokemon but he thought the costume was fun ~ and I thought he would easily be warm enough.  Caitlin is dressing as Minnie Mouse this year; which I'm happy for memory sake since of the kids she has definitely been the bigger Mickey/Minnie fan.
  3. Reason #228 why I love my kids school: having to been trying for a family rosary all month this week I got to attend as their school organized a living rosary. Elisabeth as a member of the children's choir performed the opening and closing hymn and all the 7th graders acted as the individual beads.
  4. Am really excited for the return of Fixer Upper and The Crown in about a month. In the meantime favorite new show of the season The Brave.  Any other new shows I should check out?
  5. Liam's Cross Country season ends this weekend.  He did not enjoy it as much as I thought he would but did say he would like to join the team again next fall ~ and could he please try Karate now!
  6. After temps all over the map for most of the month it seems like fall is settling in. Hope the crazy weather doesn't curtail leaves changing colors too much.
  7. Pumpkin picking and Liam's last cross country race this weekend. Whatever your's holds ~ have a good one!!
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