Friday, November 17, 2017

Quick Takes #250: Challenges and giving thanks

  1. How is November treating you so far?  Here is some of what's been happening around the Baileys.
  2. I have now experienced my first tire blow-out! And adding to the experience I had all three kids with me so my language had a stay clean and my attitude can-do despite the rain.  Blessedly in addition to Liam  someone else offered to help me put the spare on the car ~ and the next day at the tire store the warranty was honored without an argument. 
  3. I'm so glad that despite the crazy warm weather in October the leaves are actually changing colors before falling.  I find the experience of raking so much more pleasing when the leaves are not all brown. And I'm told by the jumpers in the house that colored leaves are softer to leap into!!
  4. Will be celebrating Saint Elisabeth of Hungary's feast today with cupcakes for everyone and roses for Lisbeth. I'm liking this approach for acknowledging feast days ~ just need to figure out what the 'flower' equivalent is for Liam?
  5. I'm hoping to at some point give this take it's own post but in the meantime... I completed the MMD reading challenge earlier this month. Yay!!! Having now done a reading challenge the last couple of years I can honestly say reading books and stretching myself to attempt long and otherwise challenging books has done so much for my mental health and overall attitude.
  6. While still somewhat in shock that Thanksgiving is next week; plans are coming together.  One of my favorite holidays and am so excited to get in some quality family time. 
  7. While I'm giving thanks I definitely want to give thanks for you my lovely readers! Thank you for coming, reading and commenting!!
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  1. So glad everyone was ok with your tire blow-out and that it was replaced without difficulty!

    I say Liam should get flowers, too. R loves to get flowers and St. Joseph is often pictured with Lillies, so why not? :)