Friday, February 16, 2018

Quick Takes #254: Thoughts on Lent and Love

  1. Crazy couple of weeks with Dr Daddy having a hospital heavy schedule and the kids having the 1st & 4th grade version of mid-terms complicated by schedules having to shift around many kids being out for illness and everyone in the area getting a day off to go the the Champions Parade.
  2. We didn't go but with the aid of some favorite snacks the kids had a blast watching on TV and trying to spot friends in the crowd who went. 
  3. In other sports news; enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremonies with the kids and seeing which sports catches their interest; so far figure skating and ski jump are the faves but am wondering what they will think of luge and skeleton.  Elisabeth observed that bi-atholon would be more interesting if they were using bow and arrow instead of shooting a gun. 
  4. Valentine/Ash Wednesday was a fun balancing act. We observed Ash Wednesday by attending Mass and receiving our ashes and abstaining from meat for the day. We observed Valentine's Day with exchanging cards and other non-candy gifts of love.  
  5. Plans for Lent include the Take Up and Read devotional, attempting a 40bags in 40 day purge, and focus on spiritual reads starting with The Interior Castle by greatly limiting reading fiction.  Lenten plans of Elisabeth and Liam are still in flux but are stimulating interesting conversations about habits that pull them towards or away from loving God.
  6. Very much looking forward to a date night with Charlie tonight!  While somewhat in disbelief that we are celebrating 25 years together I am beyond grateful to have shared so many wonderful years with him. That at 19 years old a handsome guitar playing man of faith and integrity came into my world for me to love and loved me back continues to be an awesome and amazing blessing to me.
  7. Speaking of love and marriage ~ couple of sites to share. Surprised by Marriage is a wonderful new blog filled with videos and fun posts about marriage.  Kirby of Under Thy Roof has been hosting a wonderful series on love languages and marriage. 
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  1. 25 years, that’s amazing!! Congrats :) and thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Congrats on 25 years! The blog recommendation sounds great. I'll check it out. :-)