Monday, March 5, 2018

Elisabeth at 10!

    While I'll admit to a fair amount of disbelief at the thought that Elisabeth is ten and that it has been a decade since that amazing little person was placed in my arms; but all of this is true and so herein find my sense of Lisbeth at ten.

  A person of big emotions, she is the most strong willed of the three but also the most concerned about what others think of her.   She has since she was very little processed out-loud and while she no longer speaks every thought; does still give me the fullest report of the day and want to discuss every nuance of plans.  Very creative; be it cooking, building, drawing or sculpting.  I often find her many ideas exhausting but love seeing all that she creates.  Prime example being the loft bed she designed and built with her dad last year.

  On the go much of the day prefers to leave reading for night up in her loft bed.  Most likely to be reading about animals especially mythical ones like dragons and sea serpents though wolves, and orcas interest her too. Sports wise gymnastics is top, but also enjoys swimming, playing basketball with her friends and backyard volleyball with me.

  Pokemon, Minecraft, and How to Train Your Dragon are the games of choice and what she is mostly likely playing/watching during screen time.  I've enjoyed watching Pokemon and Minecraft posters claim space on her bedroom walls, though a few Hello Kitty and Transformer wall stickers remain.  Her love of stuffies lives on ~ though leans more towards Squishmallows and Emoji-pillows currently.  And as of her birthday trip to Build-a-Bear she now has 3 Toothless (night fury from How to Train Your Dragon) stuffies!

 The rest of her birthday celebration included a trip to Friendly's, a Black Forest cake, and last night dinner at a favorite Chinese restaurant.  Still not an adventurous eater she has in the last year discovered a love for Chinese food, fried clams, and making desserts with shredded coconut.

Creating the perfect birthday sundae!

Happy Birthday Elisabeth! 
Thank you for all the light and laughter you bring!!

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