Friday, October 19, 2018

Quick Takes #270: October fun

  1. Autumn has arrived at last and we have been making the best of it; and hoping that fall colors are soon to follow.
  2. The kids school's Octoberfest was great fun! Lisbeth danced and had fun with friends. Caitlin mourned the absences of the carousel but found enough other rides to enjoy especially the giant slide.  Liam and I checked-out the Cliff Hanger and it was so amazing we went back for seconds. Capped the night with funnel cakes and called it all a great success!!
  3. Last weekend we headed out to a local orchard for a fun afternoon of apple picking.  Unfortunately the types of apples we wanted were towards the back of the orchard which included a solid hike especially for 5 year old legs but once we found the section everyone got into the fun of picking.  Later that evening we got to enjoy Dr Daddy's apple pie and Lisbeth's apple turnovers.
  4. Also in the last couple weeks Liam after being so close for almost a month Liam finally threw caution to the wind and conquered bike riding san training wheels!!
  5. For those of you on Instagram (who haven't already seen) check out the #postcardsformacron thread. Asked and answered Mr President!
  6. & 7; Enjoy some pictures and have a wonderful weekend.

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